YOB Detail Neurot Debut 'Clearing the Path to Ascend'

YOB Detail Neurot Debut 'Clearing the Path to Ascend'
A few months back, we learned that stalwart stoner rock trio YOB had signed to Neurot Recordings to deliver a new LP, and now the Oregon band have shed all the details behind their label debut. Titled Clearing the Path to Ascend, the group's next doom-soaked offering arrives September 2.

A press release notes that the Eugene, OR outfit are following up their Atma LP with an album that pushes the progressive rock and drone flavours of past work into overdrive. While allowing that the band are still influenced by the likes of Cathedral, Sleep, Electric Wizard and Black Sabbath, the record manages to add to the template to present "a sound wholly singular and utterly devastating in its cathartic enormity."

"Writing this album felt like being plugged into a main," founding guitarist/vocalist Mike Scheidt said in a statement. "Emotionally, it's our heaviest. But it also has some real beauty and light. We dug the deepest we ever have to get to the heart of these tunes."

You can get the first taste of Clearing the Path to Ascend down below via a two-minute teaser video that finds the band diving deep into the murky, nearly Neurosis-like sludge metal textures of an as-yet-unnamed song from the set. Up above, you'll find the lunar-alluding, symmetrically pleasing cover art.

Clearing the Path to Ascend:

1. In Our Blood

2. Nothing To Win

3. Unmask The Spectre

4. Marrow