Xibalba Diablo, Con Amor…Adios

Xibalba Diablo, Con Amor…Adios
The latest from Xibalba comes in the form of a three-song EP that packs a great deal into its 11-minute runtime, but seldom strays from the path they've carved out on previous releases.
Ominous and heavy from the jump, "Diablo" serves as a strong, albeit predictable opener; the dreary, downtempo chugging that makes up most of the song establishes the oppressive atmosphere that Xibalba shoot for, but the ham-fisted breakdown that it culminates with leaves something to be desired. Middle track "Con Amor…" changes the pace immediately, showcasing the more metallic aspects of the band's sound by incorporating blast beats and tremolo leads into the mix.
This is where the unit sound the most varied and engaging; chugging bridges and double kick stretches feel more justified here, and the breakdown includes some well-timed and truly punishing low-end riffing that adds variety. Closer "Adios" follows suit in this regard that by mixing up the pace with its structuring, breaking halfway through the song for a jarring transition to the concluding breakdown.
Diablo, Con Amor…Adios is a decent set of relentless pit anthems, but doesn't stretch much further than what listeners have come to expect from Xibalba. (Closed Casket Activities)