Wintersleep's Jon Samuel Announces Debut Solo Album

Wintersleep's Jon Samuel Announces Debut Solo Album
Wintersleep released their latest album, Hello Hum, just last month, but guitar/keyboard player Jon Samuel has already set his sights on a new project in the form of his debut solo album. Titled First Transmission, it will drop on August 28 via Hidden Pony Records.

The album was recorded partly in Wintersleep's practice space in 2011 and features band members Tim D'Eon and Loel Campbell. Elsewhere, Rah Rah singer Erin Passmore shows up on two tracks. According to a press release, the album "looks inward even as it looks upward into the blue."

Samuel reportedly builds pop songs using only a few chords, and this provides "the best foundation on which to build with scrappy instrumentation and playful vocal harmonies." Get a taste of his sound by listening to the densely layered "First Transmission" below.

While this is Samuel's debut solo record, it's not first time on lead vocals, since he previously played with the Halifax band Slight Return. He's also a member of the Wintersleep side-project Contrived.

Samuel will release the album with a show at Halifax's Neptune Studio Theatre on September 1.

First Transmission:

1. First Transmission
2. To Love      
3. Relic
4. Follow The Leader
5. Nada
6. Crater
7. Darkwood
8. End Transmission
9. The Man Who Fell to Earth
10. Maelstrom