Watch Nardwuar Interview Sheck Wes

The "Mo Bamba" MC gives a shout-out to Nova Scotia and donairs
Watch Nardwuar Interview Sheck Wes
While Nardwuar the Human Serviette recently had some trouble keeping Lil Uzi Vert around for the entirety of his in-depth interview, he had much more success when it came to a recent chat with Sheck Wes.

Speaking with the "Mo Bamba" hitmaker during last week's Vancouver stop on Travis Scott's "Astroworld Tour," the two chat about Senegalese music, getting styled by Erykah Badu, how he earned the nickname "Static Shock," and more. 

Gifts for Sheck Wes include a Senegalese music compilation, a 12-inch from Coo Coo Cal, a Shaquille O'Neal action figure and more. The rapper also performs a short freestyle in Wolof and gives a shout-out to Halifax and donairs.

Nardwuar has also recently interviewed Calpurnia, Jay Rock and Leon Bridges.