Watch nêhiyawak's Moving New Video to "page"

It marks the latest single from the newly signed Arts & Crafts act
Watch nêhiyawak's Moving New Video to 'page'
Newly signed Arts & Crafts act, nêhiyawak have emerged to share their latest single. It's called "page," and you can immerse yourself in the Indigenous Canadian trio's newly shared video for the song now.

The track features Marilyn Dumont reading her poem Otipemisiwak, while the trio of Kris Harper, Marek Tyler and Matthew Cardinal weave an intricate post-rock soundscape.

In a statement, nêhiyawak explained "page" like this:

This song refers to how many indigenous cultures globally have been systematically impacted by words written down on documents and questions if these are attempts at negating actual history. What have been the effects of creating such works as the Magna Carta, the Charter of the Forest, or the Royal Proclamation on pre-existing cultures and ideologies? The spark ignited by such pages on the rest of the world is still felt today in the lives and interactions of countless people. How was significance attached to pieces of sheep hide from the 13th century, while millennia of experiences were negated? Shortly after the birth of these documents, the planet was also introduced to the consequences brought on by this ideology including the conquest of land, early forms of biological warfare, and the invention of 'they.'

Down below, you can see how that all plays out with the video to "page."

Tour dates:

09/14 Vancouver, BC - Westward Music Festival

09/15 Vancouver, BC - Westward Music Festival

09/16 Victoria, BC - Rifflandia Festival

10/05 Edmonton, AB - 9910 #

10/06 Calgary, AB - SAIT The Gateway ^

10/27 Winnipeg, MB - WECC &

10/29 Edmonton, AB - Winspear Centre &

10/30 Calgary, AB - Jack Singer Concert Hall &

11/01 Saskatoon, SK - Broadway Theatre &

11/02 Regina, SK - Westminster United Church &

11/03 Lethbridge, AB - Southminster United Church &

 # with Destroyer

^ with the Velveteins

& with Reuben & The Dark