Watch Jessie Reyez Kill Eminem in "Good Guy" Video

Watch Jessie Reyez Kill Eminem in 'Good Guy' Video
Jessie Reyez made a surprise appearance on Eminem's recent Kamikaze album, but just in case her rap skills weren't memorable enough, she's now turned up in Em's video for "Good Guy" — and you won't forget it soon.
The clip sees Reyez coming back from the dead, hopping out of a grave and going after revenge. She sneaks up on Eminem while he's having his morning bowl of cereal and the couple explode into a fistfight.
He gets stabbed, chased and eventually the pair both fall out of a top-floor window. Reyez eventually puts Eminem out of his misery and drags him into the grave she was once in — then she hops in beside him.
Watch the disturbing video below.