Wake "Embers"

Wake 'Embers'
Wake ought to be careful — with the blazing grindcore of aptly named new song "Embers," this Calgary band might ignite their hometown's oil supply and blow the damn place up. We've got the premiere for the track from forthcoming LP Misery Rites, out February 23 via Translation Loss Records.

Conceptually based on a cyclical theme of metaphorically killing the parts of one's self they hate, only to fall back into the same old patterns and begin the cycle anew, listeners will be similarly locked in a cycle, though it'll be one they love — repeating the track over and over again. The band's grind is addictive, mining its "core" equally from bands like Napalm Death, Nasum or countrymen Mass Grave as they do from metallic hardcore and its dissonant chaos.

"Embers" begins more like the former, though it soon injects so many angular curveballs, it's hard to follow the trajectory of it. After being shaken further by the about-face into quieter territory, the menacing melody allows the listener a second (or 13) to regain their bearings before being fully incinerated in the final 20 seconds.

All of which is to say it grinds as grind should grind. Check out the song, which vocalist Kyle Ball says is about "self destruction and the unwillingness to change," in the player below.