New Box Sets from Evanescence and the Black Eyed Peas Prove the Vinyl Craze Has Officially Gone Too Far

New Box Sets from Evanescence and the Black Eyed Peas Prove the Vinyl Craze Has Officially Gone Too Far
It might finally be time for us to lift the needle off of the vinyl revival, as the lucrative record repress industry has officially gone too far. Today (September 9) officially marks vinyl's demise, as there are now stacks of wax on the way from both nü-metal hard popsters Evanescence and politically conscious hip-pop goofs the Black Eyed Peas

Evanescence fans may not be getting any material from the act any time soon, considering singer Amy Lee is ready to kick off a kids music career. But when opportunity closes one door, it tends to open another. Capitalizing on the deluxe box set trend, it appears that a thick stack of vinyl is on the way from the group this fall.

While official channels have yet to confirm the package, Modern Vinyl points to a Bull Moose listing for the band's Ultimate Collection Box Set, which is apparently due November 18 via Universal Music. The vinyl box consists of six 180 gram 12-inch platters.

Origin, the band's self-released CD from 2000, is getting its vinyl premiere in the box, as are major label releases The Open Door and 2008's Evanescence. Additionally, Evanescence's b-sides are being compiled onto a separate 12-inch by the name of Lost Whispers. The collection also comes with a 52-page book, which comes packaged along with the vinyl in a die-cut slipcase. The listing prices the whole thing at just under $100 USD.

While 2003 breakthrough Fallen received a vinyl pressing in 2013, with colour variants grabbing upwards of $150 on the secondary market.

But while there are definitely going to be fans ready to shell out the big bucks to have these albums spinning on their Crosleys, the steady move from repressing rare albums towards putting together deluxe releases for every mainstream act imaginable may have people wondering if the vinyl revival has lost its way. After all, as Stereogum points out, we're only three weeks away from the release of the Black Eyed Peas' ultra-phunky Complete Vinyl Collection.

Only time will tell if the Black Eyed Peas box comes with their recently revamped 2016 version of "Where Is the Love?"