Devours Is Back with a New Double A-side Single

Hear the Vancouver artist's triumphant return with "Two Kids" and "Dick Disciple"
Devours Is Back with a New Double A-side Single
Like most of us, Jeff Cancade had a pretty rough 2020, but the Vancouver musician is now doing his best to pick himself back up and move onward and upward by reviving his beloved Devours project. Today Devours' return comes via a pair of new songs, hinting that bigger things are hopefully just around the corner.

Devours' new double A-single features the tracks "Two Kids" and "Dick Disciple," which find Cancade sticking to his electro-leaning roots while also creatively branching out.

"Almost every Devours song centres around being insecure, gay and lost in my quest for connection," Cancade explains. "'Two Kids' is about adolescent love, and missing out on an opportunity to explore my sexuality with a friend in my youth. 'Dick Disciple' is about having an opportunity to hook up with an insanely hot Vancouver daddy, but sabotaging it because I was too unconfident."

You can hear both "Two Kids" and "Dick Disciple" below. 

The tracks follow Cancade's 2020 album as the Golden Age of Wrestling, as well as a recent cameo in a Tegan and Sara video. As for what's coming up for Devours, we'll just have to wait and see.