Towkio "Reflection" (video)

Towkio 'Reflection' (video)
Playing things a bit on the nose, Chicago artist Towkio has given the coked-up party scenario of his "Reflection" single a suitably snowy and sexed-up set of visuals.

As you'll discover down below, the video for the sublimely swerving, cautionary ballad takes place at a house party. There are a few bathroom-set convos ahead of a woman getting seduced on the dancefloor by some dude that, judging by his hat, may be a crewmember on HBO series Girls. Following the insta-connection, the pair head back to the throne room to kiss and cut up a few lines.

There's more to the story, with the vid also weighing in on the sketchy motives of some unsavoury guests. You'll find out how the party ends down below.