Touché Amoré Westward Music Festival, Vancouver BC, September 15

Touché Amoré Westward Music Festival, Vancouver BC, September 15
Photo: Sharon Steele
Jeremy Bolm, the frontman for post-hardcore band Touché Amoré, stood at the edge of the Vogue Theatre stage and thrust his microphone into the moshing and singing crowd as the Los Angeles five-piece pummelled through the aggressive "Cadence," from their 2009 debut ...To the Beat of a Dead Horse. It was a regular occurrence throughout the set — the sing-alongs and mic pushing — in between Bolm's animated command of the platform on which he paced and stood atop speakers.
Maintaining a balance between hostile, melodic ("Flowers and You"), and melancholic ("Amends"), the band mapped out a sonically versatile show that was emphasized by flashing spotlights and expansive acoustics. Throughout, it was nearly impossible to take one's eyes off of drummer Elliot Babin, whose head was swaying madly as he walloped his kit at an impressively inhuman pace.
Bolm was surprisingly soft spoken (and, understandably, a little hoarse from the screaming) as he gave thanks in between songs. His voice was perhaps at its best on the closer "Skyscraper" — a track the band had never played live before that showed off the real dynamic of both Bolm's delivery and the band's dexterity.

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