These New Puritans "V (Island Song)" (video)

These New Puritans 'V (Island Song)' (video)
Post-punk band These New Puritans released their Field of Reeds LP earlier this year. Now, they've treated "V (Island Song)" to a high-concept music video.

The animated clip follows a young girl as she relaxes in the bath. From there, however, things get a little murky plot-wise as eerie shots portray her in various surreal situations before her ultimate demise.

Directed by PICNIC, the video is based on a script from the band's own Jack Barnett. "While we were making Field of Reeds I'd have these ideas of images — events, funny things and characters — linked to the songs," he said in a press release. "When it came to making a video for 'V (Island Song)', animation was a way to do something with all these ideas that would be impossible to film in reality."

Watch the video for "V (Island Song)" below.