These New Puritans "James H Xmas Song Mix2"

These New Puritans 'James H Xmas Song Mix2'
Seriously, Christmas playlists are running full tilt enough as it is, but These New Puritans have just unveiled a last-minute addition for the yuletide listening spree, appropriating "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" for their "James H Xmas Song Mix 2."

Who is James H, you ask? According to a quick statement from the band, it's a good friend of theirs. The Christmas gift, which they spent "a good five minutes making," features a choppy rhythm of tinny electric taps mixing with vibes, downcast piano plunks, and the snow-melting warmth of a trumpet.

You can hear These New Puritans send out glad tidings of comfort and joy by giving the instrumental song a stream down below.