The Smugglers to Make Their Return to the Stage

The Smugglers to Make Their Return to the Stage
Vancouver indie rock veterans the Smugglers haven't played or recorded any new material since 2004, and we're still waiting on that tell-all book from frontman Grant Lawrence, but it seems as if fans of the band will have a lot to look forward to next year.
Lawrence revealed on Twitter last night (August 9) that the band are revving up to return to the live stage. He announced that the Smugglers will perform in early 2017, though details about the exact date and location won't be confirmed until later this month.

The band's last recorded album arrived in 2004 with Mutiny in Stereo. The group's last live performances took place in spring of that same year.
Since then, Lawrence has worked as a host at CBC Radio 3 and penned two books — Adventures in Solitude and The Lonely End of the Rink: Confessions of a Reluctant Goalie. Former bandmates David Carswell and John Collins are currently partners at Vancouver recording studio JCDC, while band member Kevin "Beez" Beesley unfortunately suffered a heart attack in 2005.
The Smugglers reunited live lineup has yet to be detailed, but more information should be made available in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.