The Smugglers Announce Their First Reunion Show

The Smugglers Announce Their First Reunion Show
Following the recent news of their reunion, gumboot-wearing power-pop wonders the Smugglers have officially announced their first show in over a decade. The Vancouver outfit are heading down to Berkeley, CA's famed 924 Gilman St. venue this January as part of a three-day celebration for their old U.S. label, Lookout!

News of the band's first show since 2004 arrived via frontman Grant Lawrence's Twitter account, where he confirmed their appearance at next year's the Lookouting event in California, with the fest running at Gilman from January 16 to 18.
Though it's yet to be fully confirmed who all will take part in the Smugglers reunion, the lineup from the Smugglers' last release, 2004's Mutiny in Stereo, was vocalist Lawrence, guitarists Nick Thomas and David Carswell, bassist Kevin "Beez" Beesley, and drummer Graham Watson.

It's as yet unclear if the Smugglers have plans to play out after their appearance at the Lookouting.

So far, other old Lookout! acts announced for the fest include Wynona Riders, Corrupted Morals and Juke, while many more are expected to be announced in the coming months. The celebration of the label is set to take place five years after it officially foldedYou can find out more info over here

In addition to a pair of vinyl singles, the Smugglers issued 1995's Selling the Sizzle, 1997's Growing Up Smuggler, 2000's Rosie and 2004's Mutiny in Stereo via a partnership between Lookout! and Vancouver's Mint Records.