The Black Halos Pay Tribute to SNFU's Chi Pig with Charity Single

The Black Halos Pay Tribute to SNFU's Chi Pig with Charity Single
Last month, the world mourned the death of Canadian punk legend Chi Pig of SNFU. Now, Vancouver's the Black Halos have emerged with a tribute single.

The band have written a new song in memory of Chi. It's called "Ain't No Good Time to Say Goodbye," and it's a new tune written in memory of the singer. The song has been released on a 7-inch that features a Black Halos cover of SNFU's "Rusty Rake" on the flip side.

In a statement, Black Halos frontman Billy Hopeless shared the following:

How do you reach closure when you lose not only an inspiring and amazing artist, but someone who's been a very personal part of your day-to-day irregular life for so many years? Well I tried to write an anthem singalong to cheer myself and everyone up, but it was just a bandage or mask for my real feelings. Rich, hearing this, tore it off and poured out some disinfectant guitar my way and as it stung true I found myself writing the lyrics and crying in the grocery store. There will never be another - and there never was anyone truly like Chi Pig. He was unique and I'm honoured for having him in my life. Just know this; whether you cry or smile when you think of him it's because he reached you. And you should never let go of that.

All proceeds from the sale of the single will be donated to raise funds for a Chi Pig mural. As such, the single will not be available on streaming services.

Purchase the Black Halos's new 7-inch this Friday via Yeah Right! Records.