Tegan and Sara "Everything is AWESOME!!!" (video) (ft. the Lonely Island)

Tegan and Sara 'Everything is AWESOME!!!' (video) (ft. the Lonely Island)
Building block-based fever has completely consumed us with last weekend's release of The Lego Movie, and now the soundtrack's "Everything is AWESOME!!!" collaboration between Tegan and Sara and the Lonely Island is celebrating the tiny toy favourites outside of the cinema with a fun new video.

While it features legit snippets from the comedy flick, the video also includes original footage of Lego likenesses of Tegan and Sara, not to mention Lego Batman, being waggled around on the tips of pencils. The Lonely Island dudes, meanwhile, get their yellow bodies dipped in chocolate and promptly washed off, among other things. The non sequitur rap bars also fit with visuals of a massive spread of the toy brand's pants, in case you were thinking of some at-home body mods of your own.

You can see the silly, all-celebration video for the peppy electro-pop cut down below.

The Lego Movie's soundtrack also features score work from Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, and hits stores tomorrow (February 11) through WaterTower Music.