Sunset Rubdown Bassist Gets Sucker-Punched by Lightning

Sunset Rubdown Bassist Gets Sucker-Punched by Lightning
Marc Nicol, bassist of Sunset Rubdown, might want to buy a lottery ticket, since he's experiencing some pretty weird luck lately. According to a post on the Jagjaguwar site, Nicol was struck by lightning last month.

According to the post, Nicol "was enjoying a lovely lakeside evening when - BLAMMO - Mother Nature sucker-punched the bassist by sending a cascade of electrical spitfire from the heavens straight into his back."

Nicol describes the experience, saying, "My heart started back up after the electrical shock. I woke up feeling like I was suffocating and was delirious. Then I passed out for an hour, woke back up and saw the hair singed on my leg. Only then I knew."

Fortunately, aside from a pretty epic burn on his back (see pic above), Nicol is totally fine.

In case you somehow forgot, Sunset Rubdown released their latest album, Dragonslayer, earlier this year.