The Streets' Mike Skinner Heading into Film with "Punchy Thriller"

The Streets' Mike Skinner Heading into Film with 'Punchy Thriller'
Mike Skinner is getting set to release a new Streets album next month, but the Brit is already looking to his next project. The upcoming Computers and Blues will reportedly be the Streets' final album, as Skinner is planning to shift his focus to film.

Speaking with the Guardian, Skinner said that he and frequent collaborator Ted Mayhem are working on a "punchy thriller" set in a hospital.

Skinner said, "The idea is to feel about something like I did at the beginning the Streets, when I didn't know what was possible. We're not going to obsess ourselves with screenings and openings. We've just got to make something that's beautiful -- that's tense and interesting all the way through to the end. That's the core of art, sod everything else."

We don't know much else about what to expect from the film, but Skinner confirmed a few things that we definitely won't be seeing: "It doesn't involve any kebab shops. Or drug binges."

As for Computers and Blues, which is due out February 7, Skinner described the swan song as "not really a new direction. It's all the directions I've already been down rehashed into something that's quite nice on the ears."

Skinner will also be heading out on a spring tour, as well as playing some summer festivals. Then there will likely be a final farewell show.

Go to the Guardian to read the full interview, as Skinner seems a little gloomy and gives the Streets a career mark of seven out of ten.