Spacemen 3's Sonic Boom Returns with New Solo Album

Check out "Just Imagine" from 'All Things Being Equal'
Spacemen 3's Sonic Boom Returns with New Solo Album
Spacemen 3 hero Sonic Boom is returning with his first solo album in years. Called All Things Being Equal, the full-length recorded under Peter Kember's long-standing moniker will be released on June 5 via Carpark Records. Right now, though, you can check out the lead single "Just Imagine," which has arrived alongside a new video.

The album marks the first solo effort under Kember's Sonic Boom moniker since 1990's Spectrum, though the U.K. artist has been plenty busy over the years. In addition to multiple albums by his '90s projects Spectrum and Experimental Audio Research, Kember has spent more recent years producing albums for the likes of MGMT, Beach House and Panda Bear.

For All Things Being Equal, the songs began as instrumental studio sketches captured by Kember in Rugby, U.K., before moving the project to Portugal. 

"I wanted to get out of the urban commercialized environment," Kember said of his move from the U.K. to a national park in Sintra, Portugal — a place he called "an enchanting area famous for being inspiring." 

According to a press release, the album's lyrics "stress humanity's role in our planet's survival and continuance at this 'critical cross-road,' redress the power of our symbiotic relationship with nature and plants, and riddle over Animist spirituality."

You can get an idea how that plays out with "Just Image," which features a video by Nuno Jardim. Watch the clip below.

You can now pre-order All Things Being Equal.