Slim Twig and U.S. Girls Open Up about Their Joint Label: Calico Corp.

Slim Twig and U.S. Girls Open Up about Their Joint Label: Calico Corp.
Since meeting through mutual friend Alex Zhang-Huntai (aka Dirty Beaches), there's been more than a wedding on the cards for Max Turnbull (aka Slim Twig) and Meghan Remy (aka U.S. Girls). In addition to collaborating for a split 7-inch and U.S. Girls' Slim Twig-produced album, GEM, the couple have now started their own label, Calico Corp.

"We wanted to be curators," Remy tells Exclaim! "We love bands, we love record labels. It's an official way of telling people what we think is good. For me, it's wanting to be able to put out my own records and get rid of the middle man. No matter how good they treat you as a person, they fuck you in the end. You're fucked no matter what, basically, dealing with a label who's trying to make a profit for themselves."

Adds Turnbull: "Ultimately, what it comes down to is we love music, we love the mythology of these great labels, and we love art artifacts. So if we could have some hand in the way music in its physical embodiment looks and feels, that's an exciting quality to us. I don't think we have ambitions to be some empire, where we're able to give artists a fucking platform to express their utmost desires — nothing like that. If we can make our own records, and make our own money for that, that's great."

After a series of 7-inches, Calico Corp. marked its first full-length earlier in November with A Hound at the Hem, Slim Twig's Lolita-inspired psych-rock concept album. Featuring the strings of Owen Pallett and hints of Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire De Melody Nelson (also based on Lolita), the record's a co-release with Toronto label Pleasence Records. The appropriately creepy video for "All This Wanting" can be found below.

Slim Twig and U.S. Girls recently kicked off a European tour together, and you can see the dates here. Calico Corp. is also planning to release a double LP of recordings by Zacht Automaat, "the most criminally underrated band in all of Canada," according to Slim Twig.

A full list of the label's releases to date follows:

Slim Twig - A Hound at the Hem 12-inch
Eric Copeland (of Black Dice) - Flushing Meats 7-inch
U.S. Girls - The Island Song 7-inch
Slim Twig - There's a Secret to Your Pleasure 7-inch