The Shilohs "Sisters of Blue" (video/album teaser)

The Shilohs 'Sisters of Blue' (video/album teaser)
Vancouver janglers the Shilohs are just about ready to roll out the whole of their upcoming self-titled LP, but just before the album's May 13 due date through Light Organ Records, the band are flexing their pool table skills in a video for its "Sisters of Blue."

The tune is relatively low-key compared to recent bustler "Palm Readers," putting the focus on chiming guitar tones, lightly tapped rhythms and calmly cooed out vocals. Despite its softness, the modest slow jam still cooks with a fuzz-fried, late-in-the-game solo.

As for the video, we see the Shilohs setting up a series of trick shots in a pool hall, though it's clear the crew aren't all sharks. All-smiles drummer Ben Frey totally flubs a turn, and you can see his shame down below.