SebastiAn "Total X" (video) (NSFW)

SebastiAn 'Total X' (video) (NSFW)
Some things are just better left unseen, and that may be the case with Ed Banger artist SebastiAn's new video for "Total X," a song off his upcoming debut LP, Total.

It's not even so much that this blurry hodgepodge collage of porn snippets, cartoon clips and benign pics of food is beyond the realms of good taste; it seems pretty garden variety for the Internet age. So, no, it's not the juxtaposition of amateur doggy-style sessions with a mini-magical montage featuring both Jambi the Genie and He-Man's pal Orko that makes this unsettling, it's the frantic pacing of it all.

The hyper-speed clip is bound to give at least a few kids seizures. Learn from Kanye, SebastiAn, you can't just flicker an old image you want on a screen these days.

Check out the clip below, just don't freeze frame it if your boss is nearby.

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