SebastiAn "C.T.F.O." (ft. M.I.A.)

SebastiAn 'C.T.F.O.' (ft. M.I.A.)
As previously announced, French electro monster SebastiAn has put the finishing touches on Total, his long-awaited album. Now, a track featuring M.I.A. called "C.T.F.O." has leaked and can be streamed online.

The track's sassy electro is complemented well with M.I.A.'s sassed up vocals, coming off like a more hip version of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back." Hearing M.I.A. sing "Chill the fuck out" instead of her usual overly political rhetoric is a nice change, too. We're sure Diplo would agree.

"C.T.F.O." is available for streaming below courtesy of Pretty Much Amazing.

C.T.F.O. (feat. M.I.A) by ME AND MY SPEAKERS