Sacrifice Reveal '198666 Demo' Anthology

Sacrifice Reveal '198666 Demo' Anthology
From their earliest days to their recent split seven-inch with Propagandhi, Canadian thrash pioneers Sacrifice have been delivering the whip-crack goods for years now. Celebrating some their most sought-after work, the group have now announced a vinyl-only collection gathering a selection of tunes from various demo tapes.

According to a press release, the Toronto-based band will deliver the demonically titled 198666 Demo as a double-vinyl set this fall. The anthology's name is a bit of a misnomer, though.

While many songs off the Exorcism tape included tracks that would be featured on the raging 1986 Torment In Fire LP, the tape came out a year earlier. Including the Forward to Termination sessions is chronologically accurate, though things get thrown out of whack by adding 1989's Soldiers of Misfortune demo sessions. A good name is a good name, though.

From their own heralded material to the inclusion of a cover of Discharge's "Possibility of Life's Destruction," 198666 Demo promises to present the classic thrashers at their most potent. "The tapes sum up the raw power that was early Sacrifice, and showcase the bands evolution from album to album through the '80s," the press release states.

198666 Demo will be available in a limited pressing of 666 hand-numbered
copies on blood-red vinyl in a gatefold jacket designed by Hans Memling. War on Music issues the set October 28.

On top of the anthology, the band have some new tunes on the way as well. Drummer Gus Pynn explained that the cover of Rush's "Anthem" had a significant impact on his group's songwriting style.

"The new Sac is very Rush influenced, not surprising really," he said in a statement. No word yet, though, on when we can expect the new material.

198666 Demo:

  From The Exorcism - Torment In Fire Demos (1985)

  1. "The Shining"
  2. "Sacrifice"
  3. "Turn In Your Grave"
  4. "Burned At The Stake"
  5. "The Exorcism"
  6. "Decapitation"
  7. "Warrior of Death"
  8. "Beyond Death"

  From the Forward To Termination Demos 1986

  9. "Forward to Termination"
  10. "Pyrokinesis"
  11. "Cyanide"
  12. "Forever Enslaved"
  13. "Afterlife"
  14. "Possession"
  15. "Possibility of Life's Destruction" (Discharge cover)
  16. "Re-animation" (1992 Outtake)

  From Soldiers of Misfortune Demos 1989

  17. "As the World Burns"
  18. "Existence Within Eternity"
  19. "Pawn of Prophecy"
  20. "Lost Through Time"
  21. "Storm in the Silence"