Rubblebucket "Carousel Ride" (Perfect Pussy/Shaun Sutkus remix)

Rubblebucket 'Carousel Ride' (Perfect Pussy/Shaun Sutkus remix)
Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves may have set her sights on a solo album, but her band have just rolled out a new remix of Rubblebucket's track "Carousel Ride."

This remix is credited primarily to Perfect Pussy's noise-mongering sound engineer Shaun Sutkus. It displays a similar sonic approach to his usual band work, since the track is drenched in white-noise static and in-the-red synth weirdness. But while Perfect Pussy specialize in short blasts of punk, this employs a more electronic palette over its six-minute sprawl.

There's an accompanying video that employs a similarly blurry aesthetic. It's made up of difficult-to-distinguish abstractions and shows a group of people dancing on the beach.

Check it out below. This song is culled from Rubblebucket's album Survival Sounds, out now on Communion.