Toronto's Rogue Tenant Pays Tribute to Late Collaborator with New "Gone" Video

The song is from his forthcoming EP 'Always Another Day'
Toronto's Rogue Tenant Pays Tribute to Late Collaborator with New 'Gone' Video
Rogue Tenant, the recording project of Toronto-based singer-songwriter Patrick Joseph Grant, is putting out a new EP, Always Another Day, on March 5. Before he does, he's shared a new video for EP track "Gone."

The loose folk number finds Grant grappling with the death of Rogue Tenant's drummer and primary collaborator, Brian Lahaie, who passed away in March 2019 shortly following a cancer diagnosis. The track is driven by a chopped-up digital drum loop, sitting beneath Grant's twanging vocals, sparse guitar noodling and hints of slide guitar and jawharp. "So much silence now, in a room once filled with sound," sings Grant.

Grant told Exclaim! that the song's choice of percussion was a deliberate choice to honour Lahaie's memory and accentuate his absence. "It's a loop I made digitally — it just sort of stays simple and straightforward the whole time," said Grant. "To me, it's a very unnatural and mechanical sound — sort of the antithesis of Brian's drumming. He was a fluid and natural player, very soulful and unique. I didn't think it was appropriate to get someone else to play drums on this song!"

The song arrives today accompanied by a trippy video by Rachelle Walker of audiovisual duo Séance Commissions, which sets Grant's wistful tune to grainy, filtered footage of days gone by, adding another layer of longing to the track.

Always Another Day marks the follow-up to Rogue Tenant's 2019 EP, Compassion.

Watch the "Gone" video below, where you'll also find the Always Another Day tracklist.

Always Another Day:

1. Springtime
2. Medusa Choogle
3. Gone
4. Galaxie 500
5. Always Another Day
6. Gettin' Used to Lovin' Someone New

Pre-order Always Another Day.