Rivers Cuomo Has Shared 2,655 Weezer Demos

It was the final project for a web programming class he's taking
Rivers Cuomo Has Shared 2,655 Weezer Demos
Weezer may have postponed their long-awaited Van Weezer until next year, but it's still been an incredibly interesting 2020 for frontman Rivers Cuomo. He wrote a ska song with Todd Rundgren and helped Bill & Ted Face the Music. Now, he's shared 2,655 demos from his entire career — and he did it for a school project.

The charmingly geeky rockstar has spent quarantine taking a Harvard class in web programming, and for his final class project, he decided to build a site where fans can buy 2,655 demos that span his entire career. The release includes over 86 hours of audio. 

The demos are bundled into 10 different volumes, including a best-of collection, a pre-Weezer collection and collections leading all the way up to Weezer's White Album. There are audio previews available for each collection.

On the site, Cuomo explains that he tried to make sure that the demos did not have any co-writers. He also asked that the content not be uploaded to streaming services.

Here are some other disclaimers:

It might have silence.
It might be wildly inappropriate.
It might have super low sound quality.
It might just be me rambling, talking, making sounds.
It may have already been shared or leaked.
It might be just a drum beat. it might not have vocals.
It might be a duplicate of another demo.
It might be an inferior version of another demo.
the information provided, such as year and description, might be incorrect.
Also, over time, the contents of each bundle in the market might change.
Or the metadata for a file might change.