Respire "Evening. Melancholy II, III"

Respire 'Evening. Melancholy II, III'
You might not know Respire by name, but you've probably heard the members in one of their many other bands (including La Luna, Foxmoulder, Pkew Pkew Pkew and others). And if you're a fan of explosive post-hardcore with an emo tinge, you're going to love their latest track.

The group pitched themselves to Exclaim! as "6 guys with lots of feelings trying to make something honest and true," and, as much as that description makes us want to hide under our desks, they've managed to do just that while creating some seriously engaging music.

"Evening. Melancholy II, III" is an amalgamation of the final two tracks on Respire's frothcoming album Gravity and Grace, and it's a full-bodied hardcore blast with plenty of epic post-rock flourishes.

Exclaim! is happy to premiere "Evening. Melancholy II, III" below. Give it a listen below, and keep an eye for the digital release of Gravity and Grace when it arrives on April 29. The album will be treated to vinyl later this year via Zegema Beach Records, Dingleberry Records and Ozona Records.