Portugal. The Man "Modern Jesus" (video)

Portugal. The Man 'Modern Jesus' (video)
Portugal. The Man's steady stream of conflicted visuals for Evil Friends single "Modern Jesus" may have you doing some serious soul searching by song's end.

The cavalcade of images offered up director AG Rojas (Earl Sweatshirt, Jack White) bounces anywhere from serene shots of grazing cattle and innocent-enough scenes of farm folk tap dancing near a barn to slow-mo alley twerking, highway ATV races, and violent backyard wrestling matches. Just in case you're squeamish, you should also know there's a messy calf birth in there somewhere too.

The track appears to riff on a live-in-the-moment theme, though the intent of singer John Baldwin Gourley's rally cry of "Who cares if hell awaits / we're having drinks at heaven's gate" seems ambiguous, especially once you realize he's spurting blood from his mouth the whole video through.

You can check out the video down below.