Peter Tosh Talking Revolution

Reggae music has always had a strong legacy of figureheads and leaders who represent more than just the music, but also the strong, deep sense of political unrest and spiritual justice created by reggae music. Peter Tosh is immediately recognised as one of these figures and Talking Revolution stands as a testament to his musical legacy. The first CD, recorded live at the poignant One Love Peace concert in 1978, Talking Revolution is Peter Tosh at his most electrifying. Burning through a set of his strongest material, Tosh comes to life on tracks such as "Four Hundred Years,” "Stepping Razor” and a powerful "Legalize It/Get Up Stand Up” medley. CD two is made up entirely of haunting acoustic versions of "Fire Fire,” "Stop That Train” and "Don’t Wanna Get Busted.” It even includes an interview with Tosh over the Half Way Tree incident, a violent encounter he had with a few undercover cops. Talking Revolution brings to life the music and magic behind one of reggae music’s most recognisable names while remaining true to the spirit of his energy and passion. (Pressure Sounds)