Papercuts "Life Among the Savages" (video)

Papercuts 'Life Among the Savages' (video)
Bouncing back and forth between shots of angsty urban individuals and the daily routines of captive zoo dwellers, Papercuts' new video for the title cut to their Life Among the Savages LP is suggesting that it may be difficult to figure out which is which.

The symphonic pop song is fit with a clip that finds tortured souls undertaking therapy sessions, either with a shrink or via wine tastings, and panicking under the reflected gaze of shop windows. Every once in a while, we see a young couple relaxing as they peep wild cats, elegantly plumed peacocks and bears in enclosures. A motif finds the humans finding freedom in open spaces, pairing nicely with the chorus' "out here among the savages, life is a gas."

That said, creatures of all shapes and sizes seem to be trapped in prisons both physical and mental throughout the video. Really, it's a bit of a drag.

You'll find the contemplative video down below.