Orville Peck Is Hosting a Virtual Rodeo

The masked cowboy will stream a live performance from Vancouver's Vogue Theatre this month
Orville Peck Is Hosting a Virtual Rodeo
Photo: Matt Forsythe
After releasing his new EP Show Pony last week, Orville Peck has announced plans to perform cuts from the record an upcoming livestream event broadcasting from Vancouver's Vogue Theatre.

Fans will get a chance to hear the record performed live on August 29 at the artist's second annual Rodeo. Featuring Orville's full band and additional performances by Dale Hollow & the Long Con, Louisiana Purchase and Miss Toto, the event will kick off at 9 p.m. ET.

Peck shared news of the performance through his social platforms earlier today, writing:

You know performing is all I ever want to do, and I'm not sure I could've waited another year to play my new EP... so I called the band up and got them back together. I've got some of my favorite performers with me and I guarantee we're gonna make this one of your best experiences 2020 can offer. Tickets benefit my band and the performers in the show, so grab your friends, or roommates and split a ticket or sit your whole family down to join you because this ain't gonna be your average "stream."

Tickets for the event are on sale now courtesy of Veeps.

See the event poster below.