Origin's Paul Ryan Talks Intensity, Technicality and 'Entity'

Origin's Paul Ryan Talks Intensity, Technicality and 'Entity'
Topeka, KS tech death masters Origin recently released new their album Entity and are in the midst on a co-headlining tour with extreme metallers Hate Eternal, with both acts setting out on a number of Canadian dates.

Although Origin have made a name for themselves as technical death metal purveyors, being a technical band is not their primary focus when it comes to songwriting. As founding member/guitarist/chief songwriter Paul Ryan explains in an interview with Exclaim!, the band are "more about song composition and song structure rather than trying to do guitar Olympics."

"I don't worry about technicality or any of that stuff, I just play what I hear in my head," Ryan says. "The songs are technical, they are fast, but it's about being inspired to do that, I don't judge the music by that."

Entity, Origin's fifth studio album, features an incredibly intense vibe, and although the band's style hasn't changed much, the new record highlights some new ideas. "We were trying to create more dynamic on the new album, so it's not the same roller coaster ride," Ryan says. "We changed some of the dynamics of our sound and there are some heaps and valleys and we tried to make some new twists and turns for the listener."

Ryan explains that the difference between Origin and other tech death bands is knowing how to convey their music in front of an audience, as the technical aspects also have to work in a live atmosphere. "We want to create stuff that people can get into. It's no fun to sit there play a million miles an hour and the people just stand around. I want people to move and have fun and get into it."

However, although technicality isn't a priority to Ryan during the songwriting process, the tech death style of music is what comes naturally to him. "We've been playing technical music for a while, I've been doing this for a while, and I know what works for this band," he says. "I hold myself to the standard I've set for myself. But I don't compare myself to other technical guitar players as a rule. I've got aspects of technicality and I try to bring different aspects to every album.

"Definitely one of the most important things is having each album have its own identity. It's cool to just be technical, I guess, you know if you just want seven guys on a message board to talk about your band. Or you could play music and write songs that you like. I mean, I've always tried to improve myself as a guitar player and incorporate new ideas and techniques in my playing. I try to write music for myself as opposed to for the people listening to it."

Origin are currently on an extensive North American tour in support of Entity, with co-headliners Hate Eternal. The bands' remaining Canadian stops include Edmonton (June 28), Regina (June 30), Winnipeg (July 1), Toronto (July 7) and Montreal (July 8).

Entity is out now via Nuclear Blast, and you can see Origin's entire North American tour schedule here.