Old Man Luedecke "Low on the Hog" (video)

Old Man Luedecke 'Low on the Hog' (video)
Folksy East Coast singer-songwriter Old Man Luedecke explores the intricacies of daily domestic life on his latest LP Domestic Eccentric, and he's giving listeners some additional insight with a new video for album cut "Low on the Hog."
It features Luedecke, accompanied by Tim O'Brien on the mandolin, keeping warm in a rustic cabin as wintry weather swirls about outside. It's cut with some intimate home video footage of Luedecke celebrating his birthday with his family and friends.
Get a glimpse into the singer-songwriter's everyday life by watching the sweet and simple black-and-white clip in the player below. Domestic Eccentric is out now via True North Records.