Nightwish Wishmaster

Finland's Nightwish may arguably be the most talked about band in the metal underground. After releasing a number of highly successful records in Europe, Wishmaster marks the band's North American debut. The band leans to the more symphonic sound of power metal, and with the classically trained operatic female vocals of lead singer Tarja Turunen front and centre, it is an unusual sound the band has created but one that possibly is more accessible than most power metal. Since Turunen can really sing, she outshines most male power metal singers, which more often than not are just happy to try and emulate Queensrÿche's Geoff Tate, anyway - not the wisest of career choices these days. An interesting record and one that needs subsequent listens to really absorb, Wishmaster may be one of the most interesting metal records to be hyped as the next big thing. Only time will tell what happens today, but I guarantee had this come out in 1985 then they would be an almost household name by now. (Century Media)