Myrkur "Den Lille Piges Død (The Little Girl's Death)"

Myrkur 'Den Lille Piges Død (The Little Girl's Death)'
As promised, Danish black metal twister Myrkur has followed up her recent, mind-bending M release with a right disturbing new tune for the Adult Swim Singles program. This ambitious exploration of lightness and darkness comes under the title "Den Lille Piges Død (The Little Girl's Death)," and it's streaming online now.

The song is particularly jumpy in its presentation, a veritable rollercoaster of styles that ranges from gloomy piano pieces, to brain-drilling black metal blasts, to a near-cheerful and chest-thumping melodic chorus. Through it all, Myrkur offers up lines that are either operatic or shrilly screamed into a broken microphone.

You can stream or download the awe-inspiring Adult Swim single down below, while forthcoming entries are still on the way from Run the Jewels, Flying Lotus and more.