​Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock Sued for Nearly $1 Million over Car Crash

The accident occurred after he fell asleep at the wheel and hit a garbage truck
​Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock Sued for Nearly $1 Million over Car Crash
Photo: Luke Orlando
Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock once boasted about backing his car into a cop car and getting off scot-free, but it turns out life isn't always okay. The singer's driving skills have landed him on the receiving end of an almost $1 million USD lawsuit.
The suit was filed yesterday (November 29) in a Portland court, the Associated Press reports, and stems from a 2016 accident in which Brock fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a garbage truck. That initial crash caused the truck to hit a Subaru, which hit another Subaru, which may have hit a fifth vehicle that left the scene.
There were no signs that Brock was impaired at the time of the accident, so he was cited for careless driving and paid a fine of $435 USD.
Now, city employee Cassidy Kane is suing Brock for more than $865,000 USD in damages, claiming that the accident caused herniated disks in her back and caused other tissue and muscle damage.
Her lawsuit claims the injuries sustained in the accident continue to cause her pain and numbness, for which she will need steroid injections and may need surgery.
Brock and his representatives have yet to publicly comment on the case.