Ministry "Anything for You"

Ministry 'Anything for You'
Ministry mad man Al Jourgensen has been rolling out a series of rare tracks for fans as part of his "Ministry Mondays" project, and has dug deep for his latest vintage pick: "Anything for You."

Dating back to 1983, the song was crafted during Jourgensen's With Sympathy days, and as such plays out as a jaunty slice of early '80s electro-pop more so than the violent industrial assaults he'd be cooking up a few years later. The lovelorn tune is chock full of whistle-heavy melody lines, Depeche Mode-inspired synth work and depressingly devotional lines from the leader.

"You're the only woman that tells me what to do, and I don't mind for the present time cuz I think I'd do anything for you," he confesses in an English accent.

Listen to the track below.

In more recent news, Ministry recently revealed plans to hit Canada on their upcoming 2015 tour.