Ministry Sphinctour

Sphinc-tour, get it? Just open the sleeve of this disc and look at the projection of the stage on a bare bum. Now you get it? Got to love those crazy guys in Ministry. Here we have 11 of their most cherished tunes, all from the 1996 North American and European tours for Filth Pig. There isn't as much stage banter as one would expect for live recordings, but the concert DVD of the same name is no doubt replete with all the antics that make Ministry the momma's boys that they are. Above all, this disc acts as a reminder of the influence this band had, and still has, on alternative music. Like no one else, Ministry infuse energy into electronic-metal that wraps socially conscious (and often nihilistic) messages in a veil of unbridled chaos. The characteristic power chords and quintessential samples that have become synonymous with their name abound here, as we hear what could be considered their greatest hits (both literally and figuratively) package for the time being. (Sanctuary)