Millencolin "Bring Me Home" (video)

Millencolin 'Bring Me Home' (video)
Millencolin are no doubt flying high over this recent release of their True Brew LP. Things have been tough for other figures associated with the Swedish pop punk crew, though. For instance, the canary yellow cover star to 1996's Life on a Plate apparently cashed that modelling check long, long ago, and is seen struggling to survive in the new video for album track "Bring Me Home."

While, true, Adam Holmkvist's video does find the anthropomorphic, ornithological wonder skating its way around West Coast beach scenes, or navigating its way through New York and Paris, there's some glumness to its global adventures. Empty hooch bottles are desperately pecked at by the bird, while spare change is chucked carelessly at it during a Subway station nap, and it also endures a vicious midnight beating.

Scored by the positive-minded track, the clip does seem to have a happy ending. You can see how it all pans out for the seemingly flightless figure down below.