METZ Main Stage, Sackville NB August 3

METZ Main Stage, Sackville NB August 3
The penultimate act of SappyFest's opening night and a stark contrast to the rest of the venue's programming, METZ turned the main-stage tent into a madhouse.

Crowd members collided with pots of flowers that lined the front of the stage as the Toronto noise punk trio tumbled and thrashed through a 30-minute set. The band have come a long way since the last time they impressed at SappyFest two years ago, having been signed to Sub Pop for their upcoming self-titled debut album, slated for release in October.

The trio unveiled a few frenetic songs such as "Wasted" from the highly anticipated release. Guitarist Alex Edkins's glasses fogged with condensation as he yelled and yelped into the microphone, his movements frantic and convulsive. Chris Slorach navigated his way through his bass expertly, with remarkably thick tone that was crisp on attack, but still full of fuzz and grit.

At one point, an audience member unexpectedly yelled a count-in. Drummer Hayden Menzies encouraged him to do it again, which launched them into the thundering beat of sneak-peek lead single "Headache."

Consistently explosive and inexhaustible, METZ set the bar high for the rest of the festival.