Matthew Dear Unearths 2008 "Lost Album"

Hear "Muscle Beach" and "Supper Times" from 'Preacher's Sigh and Potion'
Matthew Dear Unearths 2008 'Lost Album'
Matthew Dear is headed back our way with a new album — of sorts at least. The record is called Preacher's Sigh and Potion: Lost Album, and it's set to arrive on June 25 via Ghostly International.

As a press release lays out, the album was shelved over a decade ago and actually recorded in 2008, though it "represents a pivot both in Matthew's thinking and sensibilities."

It goes on to explain, "Sonically, the album's looped guitars and folky swing differs from his techno background. Inspired by Emmylou Harris, as well as the fingerpicking guitar style of his own father, Matthew channelled those elements through the patterns and loops he uses for house and techno."

Dear himself added: "I'd say that was the beginning of this album. Realizing I could apply what I'd been doing in the computer to the other music I loved and grew up with.

"As we age, we get trapped in thinking our output or creativity needs to mature as well. Some of that is unavoidable, but listening to these songs reminds me to not think so much."

Down below, you can listen to the newly shared album tracks "Muscle Beach" and "Supper Times."

The last Matthew Dear album arrived back in 2018 with Bunny.

Preacher's Sigh and Potion: Lost Album:

1. Muscle Beach
2. Sow Down
3. Hikers Y
4. Never Divide
5. All Her Fits
6. Supper Times
7. Crash and Burn
8. Heart to Sing
9. Eye 
10. Head
11. Gutters And Beyond

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