Madchild Shares New "Times Change" Video

It's the latest 'Demons' track to get its own visuals
Madchild Shares New 'Times Change' Video
Once again, Madchild is breaking off a piece of his Demons and supplying us with a new video. This time, it's for album track "Times Change."

In a statement, the BC rapper explained the following of his latest drop:

"Times Change" is one of my favourite songs from my upcoming album Demons. I wanted a chance to personally apologize to my fans and people that I encountered during the times of back to back tours, and also explain what life on the road is like. I had a lot on my plate and partying every night certainly didn't help the way I conducted myself. It can get overwhelming when you're doing close to 200 shows in a years time. I feel this is a powerful song that I'm excited for people to hear finally hear it.

You can watch the video for Rob the Viking-produced "Times Change" play out for yourself below.

The video comes in the wake of other recent Madchild videos, including "Demons" and "Death Race."

As previously reported, Demons drops on April 12 via Battle Axe Records. In the lead-up to the new album, Madchild will be heading off on a newly announced European tour. You can find all the dates here.