Little Scream Delivers New Song "Disco Ball"

It comes from her upcoming album 'Speed Queen'
Little Scream Delivers New Song 'Disco Ball'
Little Scream is gearing up to deliver her new album Speed Queen next month, and the artist born Laurel Sprenglemeyer is once again showing it off some. This time it's with the new track "Disco Ball."

As a press release explains, the new song comes alongside a story of kismet, involving a Flying V guitar, an antique store and "creating hope out of feelings of hopelessness."

In a statement, Sprenglemeyer herself had this to say of the newly shared song:

In late summer of 2017, I was driving to the Chicago Midway airport after a visit to my family in Galena, IL. The sky was ripe with colored clouds. Everything began to vibrate, and I felt a steady flow of ideas working their way into melodies. I made a U-turn on the single-lane highway; I had just passed an antique mall in Elizabeth, IL. I vowed to myself that if they had a guitar, I would buy it. There on the second floor next to Oktoberfest beer steins and a Victorian needlepoint cushion sat a white Flying V guitar. It was covered in grey logos for UV Vodka and looked like it had languished in someone's basement bedroom after a few failed attempts at "Smoke on the Water." I talked them down to $150. I cancelled my flight in the parking lot then drove to the nearest quiet road I could find. I sat in a small clearing near the Apple River and began to write this album.
"Disco Ball" is one of the songs that was born musically on the country road after I bought the Flying V guitar. It incorporates many of the observations from being on the road with the last album, feeling a sense of recognition in the down-and-outness of the places we visited. Identifying with that sense of having been duped for following your dreams in every closed shop window we passed. Thinking about how that book
The Secret must be responsible for a countable percentage of the subprime mortgage crisis. Thinking about struggling as a musician, but having that be the thing that allows me to make a disco ball out of all the smashed mirrors of my past. Taking all of this and thinking about how to make an anthem of hope for times when you feel you have nothing.

Hear "Disco Ball" below.

Speed Queen arrives October 25 via Dine Alone/Merge.