​Liam Gallagher Actually Said Something Nice About His Brother Noel

​Liam Gallagher Actually Said Something Nice About His Brother Noel
Liam Gallagher is well known for taking very public digs at his older brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel, but in a recent interview he actually had some very nice things to say about him.
Speaking to Zane Lowe yesterday (October 23) on Beats 1, the Why Me? Why Not. singer talked about a couple of the minor pitfalls of going solo post-Oasis.
"The only thing you're missing is, I guess, the paycheques, and like, me brother," he said. "Whether I'm digging him out or we're having a crack at each other, I adored him. I love him. He's my brother. You know what I mean? You can veer off and go, oh yeah… he said that little bit and that, but the main core of it is pure love, man."

Listen to the interview here via Apple Music.
It's a refreshingly far cry from the insults we're used to hearing from him — like calling him a potato and declaring that he'd "rather eat my own shit" than listen to Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds open for U2.
Nevertheless, Liam did hint at his more sensitive side with his recent video for "One of Us" and seems pretty keen on an Oasis reunion.
The track appeared on Gallagher's most recent solo album, Why Me? Why Not., which was released last month.