Language Arts "Neighbour" (video)

Language Arts 'Neighbour' (video)
Language Arts delivered their latest LP Able Island last year, and in anticipation of this week's upcoming gig at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, the band have given album cut "Neighbour" a new video.
Frontwoman Kristen Cudmore describes the song as "kind of like American Beauty without the pedo stuff," telling Exclaim! that it's about "admiring someone from afar and going down the rabbit hole of automatic thinking — thinking of things that you would never actually do."
The clip was directed by Nick Tiringer, and he offered a statement about the concept behind the video and his experience on set. It reads:
I wanted the band to be shown truthfully, nothing over the top just an honest video showing real reactions and honest antics. The goal was to take the line "I am the colour red when you are blue" and find a dynamic way of incorporating it into the concept's style. The band has a great energy and friendship so I wanted to make sure the video easily portrayed the 'goofball' style of the pair. I didn't want to create a video that felt unnatural to the band so capturing the moments in between performance and after direction where the honest reactions of absurd stand true, that's where the video stands out and why it was a great time on set.
Language Arts take the stage at the Horseshoe on November 4, as part of a bill that also boasts Programm, Lou Canon and Century Thief. Find full show details here, and check out the video premiere of "Neighbour" in the player below.