Kompakt Spins Off New Label Dedicated to "Slasher Disco"

Kompakt Spins Off New Label Dedicated to 'Slasher Disco'
Michael Mayer and Jon Berry, of acclaimed minimal techno imprint Kompakt, have announced plans for a brand new record label. The new company is called Fright and, as a press release explains, will be "dedicated to bringing you serial killer symphonies... for the back alley discos of the macabre."

The first release from the imprint will come courtesy of Chicago creeps Gatekeeper, which will be dropping an EP called Optimus Maximus. Championing the same off-putting sounds as Goblin and numerous John Carpenter soundtracks, the group are described by the label thusly:

"Gatekeeper are truly awe-inspiring conjurors of the kind of crimson-splattered disco that terrified the babies of the '80s, toiling away in the basement of Smith's Grove - Warren County Sanitarium to create sinister synth cathedral epics that perfectly evoke a spine shuddering time when we were haunted by those mysterious plastic boxes so ornately displayed in VHS rental stores that provided portals into a garish, gross, darkly glamorous celluloid world where hotel hallways were eternally aglow in green ectoplasmic matter, masked men were glimpsed briefly from bedroom windows in suburban gardens before vanishing into thin air, where seemingly innocent toys harboured horrific secrets inside their plastic prisons, and blackened alleyways were home to invisible, parallel universe bazaars run by mysterious men with pointed teeth and intense blue eyes obscured by their pyramid bamboo hats, selling a dizzying array of golden Mattel weaponry and three headed creatures in wicker cages."

Sounds pretty heavy, right? Optimus Maximus will be available on a twelve-inch vinyl on October 26 and as a digital download on Halloween.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.

Optimus Maximus:

1. "Optimus Maximus"
2. "Visions"
3. "Forgotten"
4. "Obsidian"

Gatekeeper "Optimus Maximus" from Fright on Vimeo.