Kanye West Now Lives Inside PS5's 'Demon's Souls'

He's a Faith build obviously
Kanye West Now Lives Inside PS5's 'Demon's Souls'
Since Kanye West's presidential dreams went up in smoke, we haven't heard much from the rap superstar recently. Now, we know why — he's been hiding out in PlayStation 5's new Demon's Souls remaster.

Yes, like many PS5 owners, Kanye is busy roaming the cursed lands of Boletaria, trading in those precious souls to the Maiden in Black and avoiding those damn mind flayers. Or at least that's what a dude who looks exactly like him has been doing, Reddit points out.

Thanks to the hugely improved character creator within Demon's Souls, someone out there has managed to create an avatar who's a spot-on Kanye West lookalike. Via the Demon's Souls subreddit, subscribers have been hit with a variety of Kanye images as he quests for souls in the newly released remake of From Software's 2009 classic.

And it seems pretty obvious Kanye would be a Faith build.

Down below, you can see a few recent posts of Kanye's Demon's Souls doppelganger in action thanks to the game's stellar photo mode. There's also a character creation video down there at the bottom of the page to help you fall further down that uncanny valley.


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