Jon Hopkins and Hayden Thorpe "Goodbye Horses" (Q Lazzarus cover)

Jon Hopkins and Hayden Thorpe 'Goodbye Horses' (Q Lazzarus cover)
As previously reported, Q Lazzarus's Silence of the Lambs-scoring "Goodbye Horses" is set to be re-released by Mon Amie Records this summer. On top of the original, the single comes packaged with a cover performed by Jon Hopkins and Wild Beasts singer Hayden Thorpe, and you can check out their lovely, minimalist run through down below.

Differing greatly from the original, the cover swaps out the lush, new wave instrumentation for sparse piano tinkling and Thorpe's tender falsetto. As previously stated in a press release, the song does its best to "capture the transcendence of the original track in all its melancholy and profound glory."

It seems to do the trick, but, perhaps more importantly, would it likewise inspire Buffalo Bill to tuck his peen between his legs and do a little pre-murder dance ritual? Frankly, there's just some things that are better left unknown.

The "Goodbye Horses" single drops digitally July 2 and as a 12-inch single on July 16.